How to take a social media break.

We often hear from social media experts on how to do “more social media” but very rarely on how to take an effective social media break. And I’m not talking about the 3-month digital hiatus kind of break – which frankly requires a whole other level of business communications discussion – but the kind of … Read more

How to plan your social media content.

“Help! I just don’t know what to post on my social media channels” is one of the most common problems anyone who runs social media for business will run into. Here are some of my favourite content ideas and a bit of insight into the content planning process I use.

Using social media at an event or exhibition.

people using social media at an event
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In 2019 I think you know that using social media for business is more a prerequisite as opposed to a nice to have; and the only thing you have to question is which platforms to use relevant to your audience and how you are going to use those platforms to deliver to your business objectives.

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How does my plan help me be spontaneous on social media?

I was recently asked to speak at an event about social media for business; the event was an evening networking meet-up and the speaker brief was “a mini power talk circa 4 minutes long”. Ha. Think my time was up not long after I said my name and made a bad joke!

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