Hello! I’m Suz Bird. The Freelancer you have probably heard about from a fellow business owner and been recommended to check out. Or seen me with a coffee mug on Instagram. Both are likely true.

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“Over the past two years I’ve worked with Suz to start a social media presence from scratch for a new brand. She’s so brilliant that I have now significantly extended her role to bring all her gifts, talents, and experience into my broader business.  What you get when you work with Suz is someone who is strategically operational, who focuses on the overall business outcomes and drills right down to the specifics of what that means in marketing infrastructure and campaigns.”

Consultant, Leadership Coach and Author.

Let’s grab a coffee

“Suz makes an awesome sounding board – our business meetings feel more like a catch up between friends. If you’re looking for someone to add genuine value to your business and to help you win great feedback for your digital and social media presence (with the added bonus of being a great person to hang out and have coffee with), Suz is the one.”

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