A digital strategy that works as hard as you do.

A digital strategy that works as hard as you do. And actually gets results.

Marketing can feel complicated – particularly in today’s world where tutorials, downloads, templates, online courses and experts on Instagram are selling us ”must do strategies for instant growth” on every scroll – but at its core, it’s simply about building something with a particular group of people.

You achieve this by showing up with a consistent message that’s customer-focused, creative content, a sound strategy and knowing where all the tools and resources go in a plan to actually help your business grow.

Bespoke digital marketing support for small businesses, start-ups and leaders throughout the UK.

1. It all starts with strategy

2. Next, we’ll make a plan for consistency (and then just do it!)

3. And we’ll always get social with your community

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Why invest in your digital strategy?

Social media is the gateway to your community but it doesn’t work alone.

When the way you communicate on social media is consistent with how you speak in and about your business everywhere else, you’ll build a credible brand that works for you.

Your brand is the impression your customers form based on every interaction they have with your business. To shape those impressions, you need to put thought and care into everything you do. Do that and you’ll…

Build trust and credibility

to get repeat business, word of mouth referrals and raving reviews and shares

Grow brand awareness

and connect with new customers who can see that you care about your community

Meet your business goals

and feel confident that the time and effort you put into marketing pays off

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“Suz has been instrumental in providing us with structure and direction. She’s the expert in all things social media and with her support, we have enjoyed incredible growth, coverage and engagement across all of our channels. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Director, Recruitment

The Bird & Emmy Way.

I work with small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups, charities and entrepreneurs on their digital marketing; from strategy, planning, implementation to training as an ongoing member of the team or as project work.

I specialise in organic social media for business and strategic marketing communications. Total mouthful right?! This basically means if you run a business or marketing department, I am the one who works with you on your marketing strategy, content planning, creating content and social media for business.

“We loved working with Suz! Before Suz we struggled with our focus and purpose for posting, she helped us with this and made sure we get the most out of each post! We now use Suz’s techniques to really promote and market for each season. She is laid back and creative and working together has been like having coffee and chats with friends but getting down to business and with loads of motivation in the outcome.” 

Jenn Linton, Linton & Mac

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