You, your business and how you market what you do is unique. And I am totally here for that. Templates, carbon copies and social-media-sameness (a made up Suz-word) isn’t going to cut it in today’s online world.  You want to stand out in your industry, be efficient with your time and see the results that your marketing and social media deserves.

Here are 4 different ways that you can work with me to strategise and streamline your digital marketing and social media activities and content.

Strategy + planning + delivery + training

As a Freelancer, I’ve worked alongside my clients over the past 7 years to manage social media at events, train front of house teams, recruit new team members, run content sessions, create content plans, write blogs, create newsletters and project manage websites. When I’m on your team, I take a hands-on approach to make sure the work we’re doing together has an impact. I’ll help you find focus, create a realistic plan and build an engaged community.

And we’ll look beyond social, too. Tackling how to communicate with purpose in every interaction you have with your customers and work to build a credible brand that lasts. More casual than corporate and zero jargon or buzzwords (unless we’re being ironic or talking in made up analogies).

“Suz is relentless in delivering a high-quality product and service, not afraid to challenge thinking where it’s needed, human and compassionate and great fun to have in any team. If you want a trusted, safe pair of marketing hands with a passion for coffee, and a true care for her clients, Suz is the woman for you. Highly, highly recommended! (But don’t steal her away from me!)”

Entrepreneur and Author.

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