What’s it like working with a Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist?

I worked with an Aberdeen-based business over the summer on their digital marketing and social media strategy, it was a four month project and it was pretty darn great. I didn’t even have to say that myself, I asked the business owner for feedback and a testimonial after our project finished and she said the same thing. She used more words though and I wanted to share some of them with you here.

Why work with a Digital Marketing Strategist?

This business reached out to me via DM on my Instagram asking for help with their digital marketing strategy and content planning. They were posting on social media sporadically, email marketing wasn’t as consistent as it could be and blog writing had taken a bit of backseat. Lack of time to do all the things, not knowing when to do all the things and not knowing if anything was working came up in conversation too.

“Before working with Suz I was struggling to take any strategic approach to marketing. I was posting on social media very reactively and found myself panicking at the end of the working day thinking that I needed to post something. I found this really stressful and meant we had a complete scatter gun approach to our marketing.

The initial discovery call was brilliant. From the first time I spoke to Suz I found her warm and easy to talk to and felt she really understood our business ethos. I was concerned about losing our personality when working with someone on our marketing, but that wasn’t an issue with how Suz proposed to work. I loved our discovery call and came away really excited about the prospect of working together. Suz also came very highly recommended!”

A digital marketing strategy project plan.

During the four months of working together, we had a series of in-person meetings and worked remotely via email and what’s app too. When working on a project like this, the business and their social media needs to keep moving so I spend a lot to time running the content plan, helping with content creative, top tips for social media and campaigns and pulling together the strategy.

In this case, I also covered the social media for a week whilst the business owner went on holiday – the kind of holiday where you delete all social media for business apps and actually take a break!

I provide templates and resources to back up what we are putting in place and make sure that the business owner can use all the materials once our time together has ended. For this project, focus was on building consistent blog writing habits, creating social media content and campaigns that were aligned with business objectives (and where results could be tracked) and running a content plan that was achievable amongst all the other tasks of a business owner.

The results.

Amongst the great coffee and conversation, I really enjoyed this project! I do feel lucky to work with some great businesses and people in general, and this particular project stands out as a strong 2023 work highlight for me. The business owner absorbed everything and put it into play straight away, they worked hard on changing habits and pushing through with tasks and the results – not only the number results – but the business breakthroughs and freedom they discovered that allowed them to make some big progressive decisions was a joy to watch.

“Working with Suz has made a huge difference to our business. Our social media follower numbers have increased and we have maintained this increase. We’ve had a lot more engagement on our social media sites too. Our google search hits have increased and the development of targeted campaigns has led to us having our busiest and highest revenue summer ever. 

My experience of working with Suz has been entirely positive. I have found the templates and strategy tools so helpful in planning content. Blog’s that took me hours are now done in half the time. I also found the face to face meetings to plan and review work were really useful. I felt that Suz really understood our business and our Ethos.

I would highly recommend Suz to anyone considering working with her in future. I would say that you need to be prepared to put work in yourself but the collaboration can be amazing.”

Together we created some big business change and did some very cool stuff and in terms of project results, I really couldn’t ask for more ☺️

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