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Hi, I’m Suz

I’m a freelance digital marketing and social media strategist, helping businesses develop their digital marketing strategy, deliver effective social media campaigns for organic growth and produce creative content.

Your new digital marketing partner.

I work with independent and small businesses to create content plans that are tied to business strategy. By providing bespoke digital marketing support for small businesses, startups and leaders throughout the UK, I’ll teach you how to get focused, show up consistently and grow an online community that trusts you. If you’ve got a team, we’ll get them onboard too.

“Being a small business, we felt the strong pull in many different directions to the point where something had to give and, unfortunately, we had really let our digital marketing and social media presence almost disappear. Suz made a difference straight away. If you’re looking for someone to add genuine value to your business, to help you win great feedback for your digital and social media presence with the added bonus of being a great person to hang out and have coffee with – Suz is the one.”

Co-Founder, Scottish Spirits Company

Social media training to help you take control.

Learn how to communicate with purpose and build an online community around your business.

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A coffee date Q&A with Sammy Dey.

A coffee date Q&A with Sammy Dey.

One day we'll need to do this Coffee Date Q&A thing as a real-life event right? But for now, we're sticking to digital so you can make yourself coffee and read it in your jammies and no one will ever know. As we're days away from the Spilling the Tea event in...

A coffee date Q&A with Harley from Hive + Co.

A coffee date Q&A with Harley from Hive + Co.

It's coffee date Q&A time! The blog where I share a bunch of answers from questions I've asked a business owner around how they use social media for business. Any industry, any answer and anything goes on this coffee date ... The idea is that we can all take some...

A digital marketing strategist on tour.

A digital marketing strategist on tour.

I work with businesses throughout the UK and currently 50% of my client base is out with my hometown of Aberdeen. Remote working in the digital marketing industry was a thing for me even before COVID times and whilst most elements of the work can be done remotely,...