Imagine a world where all your content is aligned to a strategic communications plan and your social media platforms house value-adding content, featuring creative posts and incorporating videos, blogs and images?

Now imagine a world where your social media platforms are actually working for your business needs and the content you are putting out there is turning into real opportunities and revenue for the business?

Sounds good right?!

Specialising in social media for business and strategic communications, I work with small and independent businesses in Scotland on their marketing and communications; from strategy and planning to implementation, training and creating content, as part of their team or as project work.

How does this happen?

  • strategy
  • planning
  • creative content
  • an understanding of social media for business
  • experience

Ok, but what is it you actually do? Services will help with that or the blog talks how to, industry trends, projects and top tips! Questions? Comments? Or you just want to get a coffee and talk about how exciting digital marketing is? The contact page is the best place for you.