10 ways to kickstart your social media platforms.

In the aftermath of Christmas and the holiday season, we are all having conversations about our 2020 resolutions and looking for a way to rejuvenate ourselves after all the food, drink and festivities.

Trust me, your social media platforms are looking for the same level of love and attention!

As a business owner or head of a marketing and social media department it’s the perfect time of year to review your social media content and make some changes that will help rejuvenate your platforms.

This doesn’t need to be a big task or come out as a 20-page strategy document, but implementing a few small changes to your social media will make a big difference to engagement and help with re-engaging your audience as everyone settles into the new year and back to the non-Christmas routine of life.

Here’s 10 ways to kickstart your social media platforms this January!

  1. Change your header image and profile picture
  2. Review and edit your “about us” or bio section; check all the links and content details in this section are up to date too.
  3. Review your hashtags and your hashtag strategy.
  4. Spend some time on your insights and statistics – what was the post with the most engagement or shares or comments? What type of content was it – video, image, blog, a live?
  5. Get to know your audience again. Check the demographics are still in line with your social media strategy – are they still mostly online at the same time?
  6. Take note of the best performing content over the last 6 months and analyse what common traits they had – where they people-led images? Stock content or real images? Did the caption ask questions or invite feedback? Was it a launch or a celebration? A video or a team selfie?
  7. Once you have sussed out number 6, figure out how to incorporate those winning traits into more types of content. For example, if real images perform better than stock images it would be worth investing in a library of real images that you can use on your social media.
  8. Are you using all the functions of the social media channel? Do you use stories? The poll feature? Have you gone Live or hosted a Q&A? Is “check-in” enabled? Do you @mention people, places and products?
  9. Are you using a CTA (call-to-action) in your captions and is it clear what you want your audience to do? “Read this blog because…” or “listen to this video as it will help with X, Y, Z”
  10. Have a social media content plan and make sure this includes time to like, share, comment and engage with your audience.

So, what next?

Work your way through the list, scribble down some notes as you work through it – particularly number 4, 5 and 6 – and then implement some changes to your monthly social media content plan.

If you can make some changes immediately, like a profile image or header image, then do so. Equally tweak your bio or “about us” section once you have read through it so it doesn’t become another task on the list that will fall away as work gets busy and priorities change.

Any questions or not sure about anything I have mentioned, then just ask! Or send me a message on any of my social media channels. #BirdandEmmy

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