A coffee date with Megan from Xana Creative.

With the “making video for social media” workshop just two weeks away, it was the perfect time to do a Q&A blog with Megan from Xana Creative! Megan and I will be running the workshop together on the 7th November, using our different skillsets to collaboratiely run the sessions; and it’s the very nature of this type of partnership that is the crux of the coffee date series.

The coffee date series will feature people that I have connected with and / or worked with in the digital marketing and social media space and the idea is to share some insight into the numerous different streams of work that happen in the digital and social media marketing space.

I really believe that only when we truly embrace our own experience and skillset can we collaboratively work well with others to better serve a client or business needs. Understanding the deliverables from various freelancers or a company of one is the start of that collaborative process.

Megan’s turn to talk!

Tell us about your work and Xana Creative.

Xana Creative is all about helping small businesses with their social media and the creation of great content, more specifically video! Xana Creative started in July 2018 at the kitchen table in my parents house and has totally transformed from there.

How did you get into the industry? 

It wasn’t planned but, I think it was always what I was destined to do (cheesy, I know!). I used to make fake ad campaigns for brands I liked while I was at school and I was obsessed with making videos whenever I could. So when the time came, I packed my bags and went down to the University of Stirling to study Film & Media and to begin, what I thought would become a career in film and television.

Flashforward to graduation in 2016 and I found myself on a plane to Salzburg, Austria to work at Red Bull TV. I learned so much about the industry there – the importance of structure and high quality content, but also the accessibility of it. When I came back to Aberdeen, I didn’t plan on staying long, but needed to stash some cash before a big move to Glasgow, Manchester, London or even New York (still praying that comes true one day!) and I ended up doing marketing at a restaurant in Aberdeenshire where I was given loads of creative freedom with their social media content.

I grabbed my camera and started playing around with video content again which went down a storm on their Facebook page. From there I got a few requests from family friends to help with their social media and decided to take the leap into freelance life. “You’re only young once!” as they say…

Talk us through a typical day.

Every day is different here (cliche, I know!), but I love it that way! Whether it’s brainstorming seasonal strategies, subtitling a LinkedIn video or filming IGTVs. I like to mix up my week with client meetings, social media management and content creation. 

How do you use social media for your business?

Social media is Xana Creative’s bread and butter. It’s my portfolio, it’s my research tool, it’s my sales platform but it’s also a chance to meet others in the industry (like the lovely Suz Bird!).

What is your favourite piece of equipment to use for making video for social media?

I have to pick just one?! I love my gimbals (one for my camera, one for my phone). Having a steady shot is so important to me but it’s not a necessity for video content – so, as long as you have a camera, you can make great video content.

Where do you find inspiration for content for your social media channels?

On social media! A large part of my job is spent researching what’s happening online – what are the trends, what’s new on the platforms and what’s my community looking for.

What’s your favourite social media channel and why?

Personally, I love Instagram. It’s fun and has so many great features that allow you to create different types of content all on one platform. You can keep casual, off-the-cuff stuff on Stories, create beautiful imagery for the grid and use IGTV to inform/entertain your followers in video form!

Name one of your favourite brands or business to follow on social media.

My favourite local business on social media is Linton & Mac. Being a hairdresser, they have so much visual content at their disposal, but I also love that they really know who they are. Their brand is at the heart of what they do and you can see that as soon as you see their content.

How do you switch off from social media? 

Spending time with family & friends. Since I use social media for work, my social life is spent far away from selfies and Stories!

If you could give us one top tip for creating content, what would it be?

Think about what people want to know about your business, then create something that answers their question in a fun way.

You can find Megan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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