5 apps you need for your Instagram for business account.

Did you know that the number of Instagram users in 2022 is 1.478 billion?

That’s a pretty crazy number right? The answer is yes, BUT social media has become part of our daily lives for work and play. 

If you are here reading this blog, it is highly likely you have an Instagram account and, if you have a business, you probably use Instagram for your business too. 

So we are here to help you optimise your profile in terms of photo quality, video content and an easy way to analyse your performance with 5 apps that we consider essential for any Instagram for business user!

Top 5 Instagram content apps.

  1. Snapseed
  2. Canva
  3. InShot
  4. Life Lapse
  5. Hootsuite analytics

1. Snapseed

Do you want to adjust colours or remove a part of your image? Snapseed is the perfect app to modify your photo in an intuitive and self-explanatory way and it’s free.

With this app, you can easily adjust the standard editing functions such as the crop, exposure, saturation, brightness and contrast.

It is also loaded with extra cool features like the brush, the perspective and even gives you the ability to simply remove any unwanted object or small imperfections.

Still not entirely convinced? Here is one last trick that will win you over. You can make your photos look even more special and unique by applying several filters*, different from the standard ones on Instagram.

*P.S filter with caution though ok – authentic is the way forward on Instagram.


Where do we even start with Canva?! 

If you struggle with the hundreds of different tools and features of the Adobe Suite programs, Canva is the solution for you.

Canva provides you the opportunity to create images that stand out, for any type of Instagram content (actually for any kind of content on social media channels). You can make eye-catching posts and Stories for your Instagram account, i.e., collages, sequential images, Instagram highlight covers, animate your posts, video content and more from existing templates and with the option to use some stock images available in Canva too.

The best part of this app is that it is user-friendly, offers lots of different templates and has a free option as well as a business price for a relatively small fee per month.


Okay, we know what you are thinking. When are we going to talk about video editing? Now!

Indeed, it is time to give videos a spotlight, as they are actually one of the most popular media types on any social media platform and is cited as being the content that captures users’ attention the most.

InShot is one of the most widely used video creation and editing apps that allow you to create high-quality videos simply by using your phone and sharing them directly on social media.

How can you do that?

Starting with the option to add your favourite sounds or music with the “import” function, you can also add text, filters, animations and take advantage of the set of multiple transitions to make captivating and dynamic videos to engage your target audience as much as possible.

Do you need your video to have a specific resolution? Before saving it, choose your preferred resolution and which size video (portrait or landscape) you need for which social media platform too.

Life Lapse

Why should you consider producing stop-motion videos? Because they are one of the most shared video formats out there on social media, so why do not benefit from them! 

Life Lapse is the app that meets this need! With it, you can make professional-looking stop-motion videos right from your mobile device, by taking as many photos as you want, customising the size of the video, adjusting the speed between images, and even adding royalty-free music. 

How do you incorporate this type of video into your business? Easy, peasy! Think showcases of your products or explanatory videos.

Hootsuite analytics

Most of us know that content creation is super fun … BUT sometimes people forget how equally important it is to measure and analyse what you are doing to track the actual results that you have achieved.

Numbers, statistics, analysis sound boring, right? But would you think the same if we told you that one single app to do all of this and actually not only that, but also schedule your social media posts in advance exists?

We are talking about Hootsuite, one of the leading social media management tools. This app allows us to:

  • support more than one social network at the same time
  • post directly on your social media pages and schedule content
  • have analytics of your social media accounts to monitor how they are performing, your social traffic, and more
  • last, but not least, create a team where you can manage social media platforms with multiple users

What more could you ask for?!

What’s next?

Of course this blog will help you with the content creation process, scheduling and analytics but that’s not really the starting point is it?

Make sure you have prepared a content plan before so you know what type of content to create and when you want to post your content, based on that you can take advantage of these five amazing and useful apps to make them as engaging and appealing as possible.

Still need help? Just ask us via direct message on Instagram or contact us.

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