A coffee date Q&A with Nicola from Freshly Ground Copy.

Welcome back to a new blog in the coffee date Q&A series! The blog series that reveals all the secrets of how business owners use social media for their business and the kind of chat that is usually reserved for the coffee dates only ….

Our special guest today is Nicola Scott from Freshly Ground Copy*! A mega talented copywriter who I work with on some #BirdandEmmy editorial content.

Meet Nicola.

Since she was young, Nicola has loved two things: writing and planning.

That’s why she decided to follow her passions and start her own freelance business and is more than happy to help different brands tell their story on any marketing channel.

Nicola is now a freelance copywriter based in Aberdeenshire who can help your business by creating content that brings value to your audience and remains loyal to your brand identity.

We’re delighted to have Nicola on the coffee date series because we love people who love what they do and she’s one 100% one of them.

So, let’s talk with social media and content with Nicola!

Tell us about your business.

Freshly Ground Copy is my freelance copywriting business and I’m based in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. In the 10 months since starting the business, I’ve planned and written copy for websites, social media, internal communications, mailers, editorial, blog articles, and brochures. It’s a really diverse mix, and I love it. 

Talk us through a typical day-in-the-life of Nicola at work.

I’m typically at my desk writing or planning content for most of the workday, although I sometimes prefer to put pen to paper to avoid staring at a screen all day. Working from home, I also get to walk our Shiba Inu Enzo at lunchtime, allowing me to get some exercise and clear my head. Then, of course, there’s the odd meeting here and there, although most are still virtual. But I get to catch up with some lovely people over a coffee or lunch from time to time (including Suz). 

Tell us how you use social media for Freshly Ground Copy.

Freshly Ground Copy is on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. LinkedIn is usually my priority because of its business focus, but it’s fun to share some thoughts on the Gram too. Initially, I wanted to stick to a rigid posting schedule, but now I tend to post more sporadically when I feel I have something worth saying.    

Is social media your primary marketing channel for your business.

It’s definitely helpful for the business because it’s free advertising, essentially. Though most work queries come via recommendations, I have had some come in because they’ve seen me on LinkedIn or Instagram. I think we need to remember that these platforms have taken on the characteristics of search engines in a way. Someone might prefer to type “freelance copywriter Aberdeen” into LinkedIn, for example, because they can see more context in terms of mutual connections and your career history.

How do you find content and inspiration for social media?

Usually, ideas will come to me when I’m out walking the dog or in the shower – times when your brain switches off from all the noise. However, it can also come from something I’ve seen online. The Marketing Meetup is a classic example because the speakers don’t just share their knowledge, but they really get you thinking about how it applies to you. It just takes one quote from a great speaker to spark an idea. 

Do you repurpose content?

I try to! After writing a blog article, for example, I try to think of how I can use that content in different ways. But when things get busy, it can also be easy to think, “brilliant, that’s done. Onto the next thing”. It’s definitely something I want to try and get better at for my brand, but I think it will come in time.

What’s your favourite social media channel and why?

For business, LinkedIn is the one I use the most. There seem to be a lot more opportunities now on the platform to engage with people on a more personal level. 

For fun, I’d have to say Instagram because of the reels. At the end of the workday, it’s nice to mindlessly scroll through funny dog videos from time to time. 

Name one of your favourite brands or businesses to follow on social media.

Trinny London. They put up stories every single day, and I’m straight in there to see what’s going on! I think Trinny Woodall and her team have built a fantastic brand that feels very authentic because even though they’ve got the stylised graphics and the consistency of posting, it still feels genuine. For example, Trinny hosts Instagram Lives on Sundays, which are informal chats with her audience. They always tie back to the brand’s products somehow, but you never feel like you’re being sold to.

How do you switch off from social media?

Most of the time, I don’t. I tried to get better at leaving the apps alone – even going so far as to delete them from my phone. But then you just get annoyed that you can’t access them as quickly and end up reinstalling them anyway! I have, however, switched off several push notifications to avoid distractions throughout the day – I really don’t need to know when everyone and their dog have started a live video. 

If you could give us one top tip for using social media for your business, what would it be?

That your social media channels shouldn’t just be used as bulletin boards. Of course, you need to share what you’re working on and your experience so that people can learn more about you when they visit your page. But you should be balancing that out with engaging with other people. And I don’t just mean running through your feed and liking everything you see. If you can get into the habit of going into your channels with the mindset of connecting, you’ll start seeing things you like that you want to comment on. It’s introduced me to some like-minded people over the last while, which has sometimes even led to career opportunities. So get curious about, and show support for other people. That’s what I’d recommend. 

We want to say a mega thank you to Nicola for giving up her time to chat to us on the Q&A series and you can find Nic on her Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or visit Freshly Ground Copy website to find out more.

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