New Year Resolutions for your social media strategy.

When it comes to my non-work life I am not one for resolutions, I am way more of a “make the move whenever you like” kinda girl. Ties into those rebellious / creative aspects of my personality! But, business and marketing… totally different story. Spontaneity needs to be planned for and risk needs to be calculated and measured. 

After the flurry of Christmas-inspired content, the new year is a perfect time to hit reset on your social media strategy, content plan and social media for business mindsight! 

So, let’s make some social media new year resolutions.

  • In 2022, I will take my metrics with a pinch of salt. Likes, comments and follower counts do not define a successful business or social media strategy.
  • I will be visible on my social media channels – my face in a photo, a video selfie on stories or maybe a Live or two.  #WhatWouldBeyonceDo right?! 
  • I will use Canva or similar in a creative and educated way – stock images that are not relatable to my audience are not okay and templates that don’t rep my brand colours or my business personality are no longer cool for publishing.
  • I will plan my content and keep my social media strategy in line with my business objectives – like what do I want my social media to do for my business and how is my content going to help deliver that? 
  • I won’t take on trends that are not relatable to my audience or relevant to my business – viralality doesn’t equal a successful business and marketing strategy. 

Bonus social media for business resolution.

I will vet my experts, strategist and business coaches to the highest degree and will remember that no one knows my business better than me. A strategy cannot be template-d based on another’s success model. 

Last one for luck.

I will remember that taking a planned social break is totally ok to do and I will factor those into each quarter regularly. 

Social media for business in 2022. 

Of course a list of social media for business new year resolutions won’t be a stand-in for a social media strategy or robust content plan, but they will help you gain focus and clarity to run your social media channels more effectively. 

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