The Beginners Guide to Instagram for Business – review

2.5 hours, 10 people in a room, a 12-page workbook, haribo’s and countless realms of magic chart – what could possibly go wrong?

Well very little it seems.

In March I hosted the first Beginners Guide to Instagram for Business in Aberdeen, this was an interactive workshop designed to help those who have an Instagram account for their business, or who manage one for a business and just don’t really know how to use the platform in their marketing strategy. Basically if you have ever shouted “I keep posting and nothing is even happening” into the thin air around your desk, then this workshop would have helped you!

The session was designed to be interactive, so you had to have an instagram account already or have access to one; the 12-page workbook included some top tips and tasks along the way, so attendees could leave with some ideas written down that would form the basis of the plan for using instagram effectively for business.

The workbook included:

  • Instagram stats* – just in case anyone needed to be reminded why using instagram for business was a good idea!
  • Making a plan and setting goals for using instagram for business
  • Basic analytics
  • Your profile
  • The grid
  • Stories
  • Highlights
  • IGTV
  • Hashtags
  • Apps I use
  • Content ideas

*The like button is hit 4.2 billion times a day. Instagram images get an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook-platforms friends – the audience is more engaged, more willing to be there and more enthusiastic. 70% of users look up a business on instagram

As the workshop was the Beginners Guide to Instagram for Business this wasn’t a how-to session, but a way to explore how all the functions of instagram can fit into your marketing strategy. And how they should fit into your marketing strategy!

My plan for the session was for it to be really interactive and allow attendees to use their phones and ask questions along the way, it was also a session to share ideas and give the group the chance to ask me questions and hopefully get a little instagram-inspiration.  

I got some pretty good feedback and messages from the attendees, so am thinking my insta-enthusiasm was infectious! Here’s some of the feedback:

It was a fantastic course and great investment of time and money for your business…

Fab day and course. Thank you very much for all your enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“...thank you for yesterday’s workshop, it was so fun and informative.”

It was the best training course/ session I have ever been at! And Suz was wonderful.”

Next up on the workshop list?

Another Beginners Guide to Instagram for Business workshop.

Using Instagram stories for business – a how-to guide.

Contact me if you want to be kept in the loop with the next workshop dates. #BirdandEmmy

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