Your guide to Christmas content planning.

Ok. I don’t want to freak you out, but it’s that time of year again. 

And I know that you’re thinking you want to light the bonfire for Bonfire night first, but soon we’ll be donning our cosy festive jumpers and digging into the Quality Streets. Before then, let’s just take some time to talk about Christmas content planning!

For product-based businesses, Christmas content is essential for reaching customers during this time of high spending and honestly, a plan should pretty much be ready to be signed off now. But just because you don’t have a product to sell doesn’t mean you should ignore festive content. 

If you’re selling a service or supporting the community you work with, Christmas content is going to come up. And the earlier you get started, the easier it will be when the lead up to the big day rolls around. 

So how can we begin planning engaging Christmas content that is relevant and meaningful for your audience? I’m glad you asked.

Brainstorm your Christmas content.

Get a blank piece of paper and split it into four headings – what’s happening (internally), events (external), products and services and team (team of one still counts). Then under each heading, write down the following details:-

What’s happening?

First, the essentials. 

Is your business closed for Christmas? Do you have alternative opening hours over the festive period? How can customers buy from you – in person, online, or both? How can customers get in touch with you and  / or the team?


Whether online or in-person, take a note of all the events coming up in November and December. These can be events you’re hosting, attending or supporting and no “event” is too small.

Products and Services.

Do you have specific products or services that relate to Christmas? Try not to be tenuous with links and put your customers’ needs first. Which product or service would benefit them most at this time of year? (i.e. how can you help your customers as opposed to just spamming them with Christmas content?).

Your team.

Lastly, consider everything you’ll be doing internally to make your team and workplace feel festive. Get-togethers, office decorations and client entertainment can all come under this list. And don’t forget to include plans for your Christmas message! Again, let’s be cool with this kind of content – no-one wants Christmas for the sake of Christmas (including your team members).

If your team is you, this is the part where you think about your time off, your schedule over December, community events, Christmas markets and similar!

Fill your calendar with Christmas content.

So we’ve done the thinking part of the plan. Now it’s time to actually make the plan! Print off calendar pages for November and December (or download the super simple one I made earlier) and use your ideas from the first step to fill in content. 

Top tip: start backwards! Fill in the dates that affect business operations by planning in when you’ll be closed. Next, fill in the key dates that can’t move – events, sale dates, Royal Mail delivery, etc. 

And now it’s time to fill in the gaps! As you go through the ideas from step one, consider if any of these ideas may be “campaigns” where you can split up content over a period of time. Remember, repurposing content is for life, not just at Christmas.

Another top tip: you don’t have to plan content for every single day, so don’t feel the pressure to fill up the calendar. Audience fatigue is a real thing and even more so during busy times of the year… like Christmas.

Plan out how you will create your Christmas content.

There may be a time in December where you’re looking to switch off completely and *relaxed sigh* fully take advantage of your Christmas break. 

First of all, yay you! Second, consider this when it comes to creating and distributing your content. You don’t want the sudden realisation that you were meant to post something when you’re right in the middle of quality time with family and friends to then feel bad about it and give yourself a hard time.

So take this into account early, and plan accordingly. Consider scheduling some content ahead of time – like the “last orders” post or the one about closing a few days over Christmas!

And remember to include things like how your customers get hold of you (if they can) or when you will be replying to messages on your social media channels so you don’t need to worry about “letting anyone down“. 

Cheers to that!

Ready for Christmas content then?

Your Christmas content planning will be totally ok. So don’t be freaked out by the idea of getting yourself super-ish organised. Just remember: 

  • Start planning early – like round about now. I promise you, December will feel too late and comparisonitis will hurt come late November.
  • Break down your content into what’s happening, events, products and services and all the team stuff. 
  • Use calendar pages for November and December to keep you organised. 
  • Factor in time off.
  • Have perspective and don’t forget to breathe.
  • And no, it’s never too early for mulled wine!

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry; I’ve got your back! Message me on Instagram or contact me here and we can have a 1-2-1 session to kickstart your Christmas. #BirdandEmmy

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