Lost: one Instagram mojo.

During the last round of my “ask me anything” story session on Instagram, someone asked the question about their Instagram mojo. As in how to get it back when it seems totally AWOL. 

Even the best laid social media content plans lose their way when your mojo goes missing. I get it, it’s hard to stay enthusiastic on a digital channel when you are having all the feelings about everything else at the same time.

Plus, you know, actually running your business and doing the thing that is your business. 

Scrolling fatigue and Instagram-exhaustion wouldn’t be out of place in a dictionary of modern words and it is a little hard to shake at times. Even more so when you use social media as one of your marketing tools for your business, sick leave is hard to pull off in that environment! 

So, here’s five things that I do when my Instagram mojo deserts me and some ideas that I share with my clients too. 

1. Get back to your Why.

Dig out your primary business objectives and remind yourself of your “Instagram why“.

Your Instagram why is the reason you are on the platform for your business and what you want to get out of your time there – think “post with purpose” vibes. [hint: I must post today otherwise the algorithm will hate me isn’t a purpose]

An “Instagram why” could be something like:-

  • I use Instagram to let my customers get to know me before they use my service.
  • I use Instagram as a “look book” for my products. 
  • I use Instagram as an education tool.

2. Revisit your content pillars.

List all your content ideas:- FAQs, location, team, community, products / suppliers, how-to guides, inspiration quotes, testimonials, podcasts, your work space … etc, etc, 

Consider seasonal themes, your industry trends, your business and brand in this process and jump on to this blog on planning your social media content if you need a little help with the process and some ideas. 

Once you’ve listed (loads) of content ideas, try and categorise them. On a basic level, start with “educate”, “inspire” and “entertain” – that will make sure that when you get to the planning stage, you’re not just selling on every post. 

3. Check out your Insights.

Head over to your Insights on the Instagram App and focus on your content over the last 3 months. What type of content has generated some conversation (either in comments or DMs).  Which posts got some saves or visits to your website or profile?

Look out for trends – like do video posts perform better than text? Does showing your face perform better than a stock image? Do stories generate more DMs than posts? 

Whilst we’re talking about the fancy Instagram heart, remember your business will have a different metrics goal to anyone else’s, don’t be swayed by the fancy likes – focus on business objectives.

4. Run a keyword and hashtag search. 

Put some time (like a 20 minute coffee break over a period of a couple of days) into running a search on Instagram using different keywords and hashtags relating to your industry and community. 

It sounds basic, but it is a bit of a rabbit hole and you will get substance out of it I promise. More importantly you will get inspiration

The hashtag and keyword search will help you find some new accounts to follow and engage with and it will help shake up your algorithm to serve you some new content too. 

Think of it as creating your own reasearch-inspiration circle.

5. Put down your phone. 

I know we are talking about finding your Instagram mojo, but don’t be afraid to close the app and put down your phone sometimes.

Inspiration for Instagram doesn’t need to only come from Instagram.


  • Consider reaching out to a colleague or industry buddy
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Listen to a podcast 
  • Consider a mini audit of all your marketing activities
  • Book a 1-2-1 with an expert

What’s next?

That list should keep you busy for a day or two and even just giving yourself the time (and permission) to get out of the habit of being on Instagram without purpose or intention will most definitely help your mojo. 

Still stuck? Book a 1-2-1 or reach out via Instagram

Still still stuck? Maybe time to revisit your entire social media strategy and there’s a blog on where to start with that here.

See you on Instagram! #BirdandEmmy

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